Alaska Statutes.
Title 10. Corporations and Associations
Chapter 50. Alaska Revised Limited Liability Company Act
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Chapter 50. Alaska Revised Limited Liability Company Act

Section 10. Authorized Purposes.
Section 15. Compliance With Other Laws.
Section 20. Limited Liability Company Name.
Section 25. Distinguishable Name.
Section 30. Right to Reserve Name.
Section 35. Application to Reserve Company Name.
Section 38. Transfer of Reserved Name.
Section 40. Registration of Company Name.
Section 43. Exclusive Right to Use of Name; Use of Nondistinguishable Name.
Section 48. Procedure For Registration of Company Name.
Section 50. Duration of Name Registration.
Section 53. Renewal of Name Registration.
Section 55. Registered Office and Registered Agent.
Section 60. Change of Registered Office or Agent By Company.
Section 63. Registered Agent's Change of Office Location or Resignation.
Section 65. Service On Company.
Section 70. Organizers.
Section 75. Contents of Articles of Organization.
Section 78. Disclosure of Company Activities.
Section 80. Effective Date of Organization.
Section 85. Election of Duration. [Repealed, 23 Ch 78 SLA 1997].
Section 90. Conclusive Evidence of Compliance.
Section 95. Operating Agreement.
Section 100. Amendment of Articles.
Section 105. Restatement of Articles.
Section 110. Management Generally.
Section 115. Appointment, Removal, and Replacement of Managers.
Section 120. Eligibility and Number of Managers.
Section 125. Tenure of Manager.
Section 130. Limitation of Member Fiduciary Duty.
Section 135. Duty of Care.
Section 140. Conflicts of Interest.
Section 145. Loans to Managers, Managing Members, and Employees.
Section 148. Indemnification of Managers, Managing Members, Employees, and Agents; Insurance.
Section 150. Authorization of Company Affairs.
Section 155. Membership Requirements.
Section 160. Effective Date of Admission.
Section 165. Authorization For Assignee to Become Member.
Section 170. Rights, Powers, and Liabilities of Assignee Who Becomes a Member.
Section 180. Rights of Assignor When Assignee Becomes a Member.
Section 185. Resignation of Member.
Section 190. Withdrawal Before End of Term or Undertaking. [Repealed, 23 Ch 78 SLA 1997].
Section 195. Remedies For Wrongful Withdrawal. [Repealed, 23 Ch 78 SLA 1997].
Section 205. Removal of Member.
Section 210. Effect of Death or Incompetency On Membership.
Section 215. Termination of Membership Held By Trust, Trustee, or Estate.
Section 220. Termination On Dissolution of Member.
Section 225. Other Events Terminating Membership.
Section 240. Effect of Election. [Repealed, 23 Ch 78 SLA 1997].
Section 250. Agency Power of Members and Managers.
Section 255. Admissions and Representations By Members and Managers.
Section 260. Limited Liability Company Charged With Knowledge of or Notice to Member or Manager.
Section 265. Liability of Members to Third Parties.
Section 275. Consideration For Company Interests.
Section 280. Liability For Contributions.
Section 285. Compromise of Contribution Obligation.
Section 290. Repayment of Contribution and Sharing of Profits and Other Assets.
Section 295. Interim Distributions Under Operating Agreement.
Section 300. Interim Distributions Without Operating Agreement.
Section 305. Restrictions On Distributions.
Section 315. Additional Restrictions in Articles or Agreement.
Section 320. Liability of Members Receiving Prohibited Distributions; Suit Against Members.
Section 330. Time For Interim Distributions.
Section 335. Distributions When a Person Ceases to Be a Member. [Repealed, 23 Ch 78 SLA 1997].
Section 340. Distribution in Kind.
Section 345. Right to Distribution.
Section 348. Inapplicability to Winding Up and Dissolution.
Section 350. Ownership of Company Property.
Section 355. Transfer of Property.
Section 360. Recovery of Property.
Section 370. Nature of Interest in Company.
Section 375. Assignment of Interest in Company.
Section 380. Rights of Judgment Creditors.
Section 385. Rights of Estate or Legal Representative of Deceased or Incompetent Member.
Section 390. Rights of Dissolved or Terminated Entity.
Section 400. Dissolution.
Section 405. Dissolution By Court.
Section 408. Involuntary Dissolution by Commissioner.
Section 410. Authority to Wind Up.
Section 415. Acts of Winding Up.
Section 420. Agency Power of Manager or Member After Dissolution.
Section 425. Distribution of Assets.
Section 430. Articles of Dissolution.
Section 435. Known Claims Against Dissolved Limited Liability Company.
Section 440. Unknown Claims Against Dissolved Limited Liability Company.
Section 500. Authority For Merger or Consolidation.
Section 505. Exchange and Conversion of Rights and Interests. [Repealed, 29 ch 60 SLA 2013.]
Section 510. Approval or Abandonment of Merger or Consolidation.
Section 515. Filing of Articles of Merger or Consolidation.
Section 520. Contents of Articles of Merger or Consolidation.
Section 525. Execution of Articles of Merger or Consolidation.
Section 530. Equivalent to Articles of Dissolution.
Section 535. Effective Date of Merger or Consolidation.
Section 540. Use of Merger or Consolidation Agreement to Amend or Adopt Operating Agreement.
Section 545. General Effects of Merger or Consolidation.
Section 550. Effect of Merger or Consolidation On Property of Companies.
Section 555. Effect of Merger or Consolidation On Liabilities and Proceedings.
Section 560. Rights of Creditors and Liens.
Section 565. Conversion or Exchange of Interests at Merger or Consolidation.
Section 570. Conversion to Limited Liability Company. [Repealed, 29 ch 60 SLA 2013.]
Section 580. Other Transactions.
Section 590. Definition.
Section 600. Governing Law.
Section 605. Registration Required.
Section 610. Execution of Registration Application.
Section 615. Contents of Registration Application.
Section 620. Name.
Section 623. Change of Name.
Section 625. Amendment of Registration.
Section 630. Contents of Amendment of Registration.
Section 635. Registered Office and Registered Agent of Foreign Company.
Section 637. Change of Registered Office or Registered Agent of Foreign Company.
Section 638. Filing and Effective Date of Change.
Section 640. Service On Foreign Company.
Section 645. Service On Commissioner.
Section 650. Revocation of Registration.
Section 653. Appeal From Revocation of Registration.
Section 655. Authority to Cancel Registration.
Section 660. Contents of Application For Cancellation.
Section 665. Form, Manner, and Execution of Application For Cancellation.
Section 670. Effect of Cancellation of Registration.
Section 675. Conducting Affairs Without Registration.
Section 690. Liability For Fees and Penalties.
Section 700. Civil Penalty.
Section 710. Injunctive Relief.
Section 715. Nonliability of Member or Manager.
Section 720. Transactions Not Constituting Conducting Affairs.
Section 730. Actions Against Companies.
Section 735. Authority to Sue On Behalf of Company.
Section 750. Biennial Report Required.
Section 755. Contents of Biennial Report.
Section 760. Filing of Biennial Report.
Section 765. Filing Interim Notice of Change of Managers or Managing Members.
Section 800. Company Certificates.
Section 810. Submission of Documents to Department.
Section 820. Filing of Documents By Department.
Section 830. Disapproval of Writing By Department; Appeal.
Section 840. Execution of Documents.
Section 850. Filing and Other Fees.
Section 860. Maintenance of Records.
Section 870. Inspection of Records.
Section 880. Disclosure of Information.
Section 890. Waiver of Notice.
Section 900. Regulations.
Section 910. Interstate Application.
Section 990. Definitions.
Section 995. Short Title.


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