Alaska Statutes.
Title 28. Motor Vehicles
Chapter 35. Offenses and Accidents
previous: Section 190. Definitions.
next: Section 10. Driving a Vehicle Without Owner's Consent. [Repealed, Sec. 21 Ch 166 SLA 1978. For Current Law, See AS 11.46.360].

Chapter 35. Offenses and Accidents

Section 10. Driving a Vehicle Without Owner's Consent. [Repealed, Sec. 21 Ch 166 SLA 1978. For Current Law, See AS 11.46.360].
Section 15. [Renumbered as AS 28.35.300].
Section 20. Conviction in Larceny Prosecution. [Repealed, Sec. 21 Ch 166 SLA 1978].
Section 24. [Renumbered as AS 28.35.310].
Section 25. Obtaining Rental Vehicle With Intent to Defraud. [Repealed, Sec. 25 Ch 144 SLA 1977].
Section 26. [Renumbered as AS 28.35.320].
Section 28. Court-Ordered Treatment for Persons Charged with a Violation of AS 28.35.030 or 28.35.032.
Section 29. Open Container.
Section 30. Operating a Vehicle, Aircraft or Watercraft While Under the Influence of An Alcoholic Beverage, Inhalant, or Controlled Substance.
Section 31. Implied Consent.
Section 32. Refusal to Submit to Chemical Test.
Section 33. Presumptions and Chemical Analysis of Breath or Blood.
Section 34. Surrender of License or Permit.
Section 35. Administration of Chemical Tests Without Consent.
Section 36. Forfeiture of Vehicle, Aircraft, or Watercraft.
Section 37. Remission of Forfeitures.
Section 38. Municipal Impoundment and Forfeiture. [Repealed, Sec. 55 Ch 60 SLA 2002].
Section 39. Definitions For AS 28.35.029
Section 40. [Renumbered as AS 28.35.400].
Section 45. [Renumbered as AS 28.35.410].
Section 50. Action of Operator Immediately After Accident.
Section 60. Duty of Operator to Give Information and Render Assistance.
Section 70. Examination or Impounding Before Repair.
Section 80. Immediate Notice of Accident.
Section 90. Rendering of Report By Others.
Section 100. Form of Reports.
Section 110. Penalty For Giving False Information in Report or Failing to Report.
Section 120. Use of Accident Reports in Evidence.
Section 130. False Report or Destruction of Evidence.
Section 135. Unlawful to Knowingly Make False Statement, Application, or Certification.
Section 140. Unlawful Obstruction or Blocking of Traffic; Duty to Yield to Following Traffic.
Section 145. Overtaking and Passing School Bus.
Section 150. Unlawful to Interfere With or Destroy Official Traffic Control Device or Highway Construction; Action By State For Damages. [Repealed, Sec. 25 Ch 144 SLA 1977].
Section 155. Operation of Vehicle With Certain Tires Prohibited.
Section 160. Unlawful Injury to or Destruction of Traffic Regulations or Guidance Device. [Repealed, Sec. 25 Ch 144 SLA 1977].
Section 170. Operation With More Than Three Persons in Driver's Seat. [Repealed, Sec. 20 Ch 241 SLA 1976].
Section 175. Propane Gas Detector Required.
Section 180. Disobedience to Signals of Officer Regulating Traffic Prohibited.
Section 182. Failure to Stop at Direction of Peace Officer.
Section 185. Overtaking and Passing Certain Stationary Vehicles.
Section 190. Penalty For Violation of Certain Sections. [Repealed, Sec. 47 Ch 32 SLA 1971].
Section 200. Unlawful Operation of Vehicles. [Repealed, Sec. 20 Ch 241 SLA 1976].
Section 210. Seizure of Unsafe or Defectively Equipped Vehicles. [Repealed By Implication By AS 28.05.091
Section 220. Action By State For Damages. [Repealed, Sec. 20 Ch 241 SLA 1976].
Section 225. Enforcement.
Section 230. [Renumbered as AS 28.90.010].
Section 235. Unauthorized Use of Parking Reserved For Persons With Disabilities; Penalties.
Section 240. Duty to Obey School Patrol. [Repealed, Sec. 3 Ch 68 SLA 1964].
Section 245. Motorcycle Helmet.
Section 250. Application of Law. [Repealed, Sec. 20 Ch 241 SLA 1976].
Section 251. Contained or Confined Loads.
Section 253. Anti-Spray Devices Required.
Section 255. Penalty.
Section 260. [Renumbered as AS 28.90.990].
Section 261. Operation of Low-Speed Vehicles.
Section 270. [Renumbered as AS 28.90.995].
Section 280. Minor Operating a Vehicle After Consuming Alcohol.
Section 285. Minor's Refusal to Submit to Chemical Test.
Section 290. Driving During the 24 Hours After Being Cited For Alcohol or Breath Test Offenses.
Section 300. Tampering With or Damaging a Vehicle.
Section 310. Renting a Motor Vehicle.
Section 320. Failure to Return Rental Vehicle.
Section 400. Reckless Driving.
Section 410. Negligent Driving.


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