Alaska Statutes.
Title 36. Public Contracts
Chapter 30. State Procurement Code
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Chapter 30. State Procurement Code

Section 5. Centralization of Procurement Authority.
Section 10. Chief Procurement Officer.
Section 15. Executive Branch Agencies.
Section 20. Legislature.
Section 30. Court System.
Section 40. Procurement Regulations.
Section 50. Lists of Contractors.
Section 60. Specifications.
Section 70. Supply Management.
Section 80. Leases.
Section 83. Lease Extensions Authorized.
Section 85. Lease-Purchase Agreements.
Section 90. Delivery of Supplies. [Repealed, Sec. 48 Ch 137 SLA 1996].
Section 95. Procurement of Paper. [Repealed, Sec. 48 Ch 137 SLA 1996].
Section 100. General Policy.
Section 110. Invitation to Bid.
Section 115. Subcontractors For Construction Contracts.
Section 120. Bid Security.
Section 130. Public Notice of Invitation to Bid.
Section 140. Bid Opening.
Section 150. Bid Acceptance and Bid Evaluation.
Section 160. Late Bids; Correction or Withdrawal of Bids; Cancellation of Awards.
Section 170. Contract Award After Bids.
Section 180. Purpose.
Section 190. Multi-Step Sealed Bidding.
Section 200. Conditions For Use.
Section 210. Request For Proposals.
Section 220. Standard Overhead Rate.
Section 230. Disclosure of Proposals; Return of Proposals.
Section 240. Discussion With Responsible Offerors and Revisions to Proposals.
Section 250. Award of Contract.
Section 260. Contract Contents.
Section 265. Multi-Step Sealed Proposals.
Section 270. Architectural, Engineering, and Land Surveying Contracts.
Section 300. Single Source Procurements.
Section 305. Limited Competition Procurements.
Section 308. Innovative Procurements.
Section 310. Emergency Procurements.
Section 311. Employment and Youth Program Procurements.
Section 313. Procurements Provided Through Employment of Prison Inmates.
Section 315. Determinations; False Statements; Criminal Penalty.
Section 320. Small Procurements.
Section 321. Alaska bidder and related preferences.
Section 322. Use of Local Forest Products.
Section 324. Use of Alaska Products and Recycled Alaska Products.
Section 326. Contract Specifications.
Section 328. Grant of Alaska Products Preference.
Section 330. Penalty For Failing to Use Designated Products.
Section 331. Delivery of Supplies.
Section 332. Classification of Alaska Products.
Section 333. Procurement of Paper.
Section 334. Identification of Alaska Products.
Section 335. Relationship to Other Product Preferences.
Section 336. Application.
Section 337. Procurement Preference For Recycled Products.
Section 338. Definitions.
Section 339. [Renumbered as AS 36.30.337
Section 340. Review and Approval By the Attorney General.
Section 350. Solicitation Cancellation, Bid and Proposal Rejection, and Delay of Opening Bid or Proposal.
Section 360. Determination of Responsibility.
Section 362. Award of a Contract to a Nonresident.
Section 365. Notice of Intent to Award a Contract.
Section 370. Permissible Types of Contracts.
Section 380. Approval of Accounting System. [Repealed, Sec. 24 Ch 65 SLA 1987].
Section 390. Contract Term and Cancellation.
Section 400. Required Cost and Pricing Data and Contract Provisions.
Section 410. Right to Inspect Plant.
Section 420. Right to Audit Records.
Section 430. Contract Clauses.
Section 460. Modification of Standard Clauses.
Section 470. Fiscal Effects of Construction Contract Modifications.
Section 480. Establishment and Modification of Cost Principles.
Section 500. Retention of Procurement Records.
Section 510. Records of Contracts Awarded Under Competitive Sealed Proposals.
Section 520. Records of Single Source and Emergency Procurements.
Section 522. Records of Innovative Procurements.
Section 530. Public Access to Procurement Information.
Section 540. Procurement Report.
Section 550. Applicability of Protest and Appeal Procedures.
Section 560. Filing of a Protest.
Section 565. Time For Filing a Protest.
Section 570. Notice of a Protest.
Section 575. Stay of Award.
Section 580. Decision By the Procurement Officer.
Section 585. Protest Remedies.
Section 590. Appeal On a Protest.
Section 595. Notice and Copy of a Protest Appeal.
Section 600. Stay of Award During Protest Appeal.
Section 605. Protest Report and Comments.
Section 610. Decision Without Hearing.
Section 615. Hearing On Protest Appeal.
Section 620. Contract Claims.
Section 623. Interest On Certain Claims.
Section 625. Appeal On a Contract Claim.
Section 627. Construction Contract Claim Appeals.
Section 629. Subpoenas and Discovery.
Section 630. Hearing On a Contract Claim; Decision Without Hearing.
Section 631. Attorney Fees, Costs, and Offers of Judgment.
Section 632. Delegation.
Section 635. Authority to Debar or Suspend.
Section 640. Causes For Debarment or Suspension.
Section 645. Written Determinations.
Section 650. Hearing On a Suspension.
Section 655. List of Persons Debarred or Suspended; Removal From Contractor Lists.
Section 660. Reinstatement.
Section 665. Limited Participation By Debarred Person.
Section 670. Hearing Procedures.
Section 675. Recommended Decision and Commissioner Action.
Section 680. Final Decision By the Commissioner.
Section 685. Judicial Appeal.
Section 687. Misrepresentations, Fraud, and Attempted Fraud.
Section 690. Exclusive Remedy.
Section 695. Other Rules of Procedure.
Section 699. Definition.
Section 700. Cooperative Purchasing Authorized.
Section 710. Interagency Sale, Acquisition, and Use of Supplies and Services.
Section 720. Joint Use or Lease of Facilities and Equipment.
Section 730. Supply of Personnel, Services, and Other Items.
Section 735. Restriction On Contracting With or Employing Experts On Radiation Hazards.
Section 740. Information Relating to Procurement Needs.
Section 750. Contract Claims of Other Procurement Units.
Section 790. Definitions.
Section 850. Application of This Chapter.
Section 860. Supplementary General Principles of Law Applicable.
Section 870. Adoption of Regulations.
Section 880. Requirement of Good Faith.
Section 890. Federal Funds or Assistance.
Section 900. Product Preferences. [Repealed, Sec. 48 Ch 137 SLA 1996].
Section 910. Purchases Through General Services Administration.
Section 920. Reporting of Anticompetitive Practices.
Section 930. Civil and Criminal Penalties.
Section 940. Enforcement.
Section 950. Severability.
Section 990. Definitions.
Section 995. Short Title.


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