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Prax v. Zalewski (8/11/2017) sp-7190

           Notice:   This opinion is subject to correction before publication in the P                    ACIFIC   REPORTER.  

           Readers are requested to bring errors to the attention of the Clerk of the Appellate Courts,  


           303 K Street, Anchorage, Alaska 99501, phone (907) 264-0608, fax (907) 264-0878, email  



                       THE SUPREME COURT OF THE STATE OF ALASKA                                       

GLENN  MICHAEL  PRAX,                                                )  

PHILLIP  G.  PRAX,  and                                              )  

MARIANNE  P.  KITTREDGE,                                             )  

                                                                     )     Supreme  Court  No.  S-16223  

                                Appellants,                          )  


                                                                     )     Superior Court No. 4FA-13-02190 CI  

           v.                                                        )  


                                                                     )      O P I N I O N  


VICTORIA J. ZALEWSKI,                                                )  


                                                                     )     No. 7190 - August  11, 2017  

                                Appellee.                            )  




                      Appeal  from  the  Superior  Court  of  the  State  of  Alaska,  


                      Fourth Judicial District, Fairbanks, Douglas L. Blankenship,  



                      Appearances:   Christopher J. Bodle, Burns & Associates,  


                      P.C., Fairbanks, for Appellants.  No appearance by Appellee  


                      Victoria J. Zalewski.  


                      Before:  Stowers, Chief Justice, Winfree, Maassen, Bolger,  


                      and Carney, Justices.  


                      CARNEY, Justice.  



                      After  the  family  that  owned  a  Fairbanks  parking  lot  prevented  the  


neighboring property owner fromusing it,theneighbor filed an adversepossession claim  


for the lot in question.  The trial court ruled that from 2002 to 2012 the neighbor had  


perfected an adverse possession claim to the lot and held that amendments made to the  

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