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This has been WITHDRAWN - see Opinion # 4967

Hendren v. Alaska Child Support Enforcement Div. (1/30/98) sp-4941

In the Supreme Court of the State of Alaska

David K. Hendren,                      )
                                       )        Supreme Court No. S-07856
                   Appellant,          )
                   v.                  )                 Order
State of Alaska, Department of Revenue,)            
Child Support Enforcement Division,    )
                          Appellee.    ) Date of Order: 4/10/98

Trial Court Case # 4FA-90-02118CI

     Before:  Matthews, Chief Justice, Compton, Eastaugh, Fabe and Bryner, Justices.

     On consideration of the petition for rehearing, filed on February 9, 
1998, and the response and supplement to the response, accepted on March 13, 1998,

     It is Ordered:

     1.   The petition for rehearing is DENIED in part and GRANTED to the 
following extent:
Opinion No. 4941 is modified by the deletion of the two-sentence paragraph 
beginning at the bottom of Page 7.

     2.   Opinion No. 4941 published on January 30, 1998, is accordingly 
WITHDRAWN and Opinion No. 4967 is issued today in its place.  

     Entered at the direction of the Court.

                                   CLERK OF THE APPELLATE COURTS