Alaska Statutes.
Title 18. Health, Safety, and Housing
Chapter 57. Regional Electrical Authorities
Section 50. Bonds and Notes.
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AS 18.57.050. Bonds and Notes.

(a) The authority, by board resolution, may issue bonds and bond anticipation notes in order to provide funds to carry out and effectuate its purposes.

(b) The principal and interest on these bonds or notes is payable from authority funds. Bond anticipation notes may be payable from the proceeds of the sale of bonds or from the proceeds of sale of other bond anticipation notes or, if bond or bond anticipation note proceeds are not available, the notes may be paid from other funds or assets of the authority. Bonds or notes may be additionally secured by a pledge of a grant or contribution from the federal or state government, a corporation, association, institution, or person, or a pledge of money, income, or revenues of the authority from any source.

(c) Bonds or bond anticipation notes may be issued as provided by board resolution, in one or more series and shall (1) be dated; (2) bear interest at the prescribed rate per year or within the maximum rate; (3) be in a certain denomination or form, either coupon or registered; (4) carry the conversion or registration provisions; (5) have rank or priority; (6) be executed in a certain manner and form; (7) be payable from the sources in the medium of payment and place or places inside or outside the state; (8) be subject to authentication by a trustee or fiscal agent; and (9) be subject to terms of redemption, with or without premium. Bond anticipation notes mature at a time determined by the authority. Bonds mature at a time, not exceeding 50 years from the date of their issuance, as determined by the authority. Before the preparation of definitive bonds or bond anticipation notes, the authority may issue interim receipts or temporary bonds or bond anticipation notes, with or without coupons, exchangeable for bonds or bond anticipation notes when the definitive bonds or bond anticipation notes have been executed and are available for delivery.

(d) Bond or bond anticipation notes may be sold in the manner, on the terms, and at the price the authority determines.

(e) If an officer whose actual or facsimile signature appears on any bonds or notes or coupons attached to them ceases to be an officer before the delivery of the bond, note, or coupon, the signature is valid as if the officer had remained in office until delivery.

(f) In a resolution of the authority authorizing or relating to the issuance of bonds or bond anticipation notes, the authority may, with holders of the bonds or bond anticipation notes,

(1) pledge to any payment or purpose all or any part of revenue to which it is or will be entitled to and similarly pledge the money derived from the revenue, and the proceeds of any bonds or notes;

(2) covenant against pledging all or any part of its revenue, or against permitting or suffering a lien on the revenue or its property;

(3) covenant as to the use and disposition of any and all payments of principal or interest received by the authority on mortgage loans, construction loans, or other investments held by the authority;

(4) covenant as to establishment of reserves or sinking funds and the making of provision for and the regulation and disposition of the reserves or sinking funds;

(5) covenant with respect to or against limitations on a right to sell or otherwise dispose of property of any kind;

(6) covenant as to bonds and notes to be issued, and their limitations, terms and conditions, and as to the custody, application, and disposition of the proceeds of the bonds and notes;

(7) covenant as to the issuance of additional bonds or notes, or as to limitations on the issuance of additional bonds or notes and the incurring of the other debts;

(8) covenant as to the payment of the principal of or interest on the bonds or notes, as to the sources and methods of the payment, as to the rank or priority of the bonds or notes with respect to a lien or security, or as to the acceleration of the maturity of the bonds or notes;

(9) provide for the replacement of lost, stolen, destroyed, or mutilated bonds or notes;

(10) covenant against extending the time for the payment of bonds or notes or interest on the bonds or notes;

(11) covenant as to the redemption of bonds or notes and privileges of their exchange for other bonds or notes of the authority;

(12) covenant to create or authorize the creation of special funds of money to be held in pledge or otherwise for operation expenses, payment or redemption of bonds or notes, reserves, or other purposes, and as to use and disposition of the money held in the funds;

(13) establish the procedure, if any, by which the terms of any contract or covenant with or for the benefit of the holders of bonds or notes may be amended or abrogated, the amount of bonds or notes the holders of which must consent to amendment or abrogation, and the manner in which the consent may be given;

(14) covenant as to the custody of any of its properties or investments, their safekeeping and insurance, and the use and disposition of insurance money;

(15) covenant as to the time or manner of enforcement or restraint from enforcement of any rights of the corporation arising by reason of or with respect to nonpayment of principal or interest of any mortgage loans or construction loans;

(16) provide for the rights and liabilities, powers, and duties arising upon the breach of a covenant, condition, or obligation, and to prescribe the events of default and the terms and conditions upon which any or all of the bonds, notes, or other obligations of the authority become or may be declared due and payable before maturity and the terms and conditions upon which such a declaration and its consequences may be waived;

(17) vest in a trustee or trustees inside or outside the state property, rights, powers, and duties in trust as the authority may determine, which may include any or all of the rights, powers, and duties of a trustee appointed by the holders of bonds or notes, and to limit or abrogate the right of the holders of bonds or notes of the authority to appoint a trustee under this chapter or limit the rights, powers, and duties of the trustee;

(18) pay the costs or expenses incident to the enforcement of the bonds or notes or of the provisions of the resolution or of a covenant or agreement of the authority with the holders of its bonds or notes;

(19) agree with a corporate trustee which may be a trust company or bank having the powers of a trust company inside or outside the state as to the pledging or assigning of revenue or funds to which or in which the authority has any rights or interest; and further provide for other rights and remedies exercisable by the trustee as may be proper for the protection of the holders of any bonds or notes of the authority and not otherwise in violation of law and may provide for the restriction of the rights of an individual holder of bonds or notes of the authority;

(20) appoint and provide for the duties and obligations of a paying agent or other fiduciary, by resolution, inside or outside the state;

(21) limit the rights of the holders of bonds or notes to enforce a pledge or covenant securing bonds or notes;

(22) make covenants other than expressly authorized in this section, of like or different character, and to make covenants as may be necessary or desirable, to better secure bonds or notes or that, in the discretion of the authority, will tend to make bonds or notes more marketable, notwithstanding the fact that the covenants are not enumerated in this section.

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