Alaska Statutes.
Title 19. Highways and Ferries
Chapter 75. Knik Arm Bridge and Toll Authority
Section 111. Powers and Duties of the Authority.
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AS 19.75.111. Powers and Duties of the Authority.

(a) Except as otherwise explicitly made applicable to the authority, the performance of the authority's duties and the exercise of its powers, including its powers to issue bonds and otherwise incur debt, shall be governed exclusively by this chapter. In furtherance of its purposes, the authority may

(1) own, acquire, construct, develop, create, reconstruct, equip, operate, maintain, extend, and improve the Knik Arm bridge and its appurtenant facilities;

(2) sue and be sued;

(3) adopt a seal;

(4) adopt, amend, and repeal regulations under AS 44.62 and establish bylaws;

(5) make and execute agreements, contracts, and all other instruments with any public or private person, governmental unit or agency, corporation, or other business entity lawfully conducting business in the United States for the exercise of its powers and functions under this chapter and for the financing, design, construction, maintenance, improvement, or operation of facilities, properties, or projects of the authority, including making and executing contracts with any person, firm, corporation, governmental agency, or other entity for the purpose of

(A) incurring indebtedness, obtaining investments in the authority's projects, acquiring or granting lump sum payments for services in advance or in arrears, grants, and other financing; and

(B) entering into public-private partnerships or service contracts in any form;

(6) in its own name acquire, lease, rent, sell, or convey real and personal property;

(7) issue and refund bonds in accordance with this chapter, in order to pay the cost of the Knik Arm bridge and its appurtenant facilities; the authority may also secure payment of the bonds as provided in this chapter;

(8) incur other indebtedness, including lines of credit and indebtedness to the Federal Highway Administration, United States Department of Transportation, under 23 U.S.C. 601 - 610 (Transportation Infrastructure Finance and Innovation Act of 1998), as amended, and secure that indebtedness as provided in this chapter;

(9) apply for and accept gifts, grants, or loans from a federal agency or an agency or instrumentality of the state, or from a municipality, private organization, or other source, including obtaining title to state, local government, or privately owned land, directly or through a department of the state having jurisdiction of the land;

(10) fix and collect fees, rents, tolls, rates, or other charges for the use of the Knik Arm bridge and appurtenant facilities, or for a service developed, operated, or provided by the authority; notwithstanding AS 37.10.050 (a), fees, rents, tolls, rates, and other charges fixed and collected under this paragraph may exceed the actual operating cost of the use of the bridge, facility, or service;

(11) bring civil actions, refer criminal actions to the appropriate authority, and take other actions or enter into agreements with law enforcement and collection agencies to enforce the collection of its fees, rents, tolls, rates, other charges, penalties, and other obligations;

(12) pledge, encumber, transfer, or otherwise obligate revenue derived by the authority from the ownership, use, or operation of toll facilities, including fees, rents, tolls, rates, charges, or other revenue of the authority or money that the legislature may appropriate, except a state tax or license, as security for bonds or other indebtedness or agreements of the authority;

(13) deposit or invest its funds, subject to agreements with bondholders;

(14) procure insurance against any loss in connection with its operation;

(15) contract for and engage the services of consultants, experts, and financial and technical advisors that the authority considers necessary for the exercise of its powers and functions under this chapter;

(16) apply for, obtain, hold, and use permits, licenses, or approvals from appropriate agencies of the state, the United States, a foreign country, and any other proper agency in the same manner as any other person;

(17) perform reconnaissance studies and engineering, survey, and design studies with respect to the Knik Arm bridge and its appurtenant facilities;

(18) exercise powers of eminent domain or file a declaration of taking as necessary for the Knik Arm bridge and appurtenant facilities under AS 09.55.240 - 09.55.460 to acquire land or an interest in land; the authority's exercise of powers under this paragraph may not exceed the permissible exercise of those powers by the state;

(19) confer with municipal and other governments, metropolitan planning organizations, and the department, concerning the Knik Arm bridge;

(20) do all acts and things necessary to carry out the powers expressly granted or necessarily implied in this chapter; nothing in this chapter limits the powers of the authority that are expressly granted or necessarily implied.

(b) The authority shall

(1) prepare an annual report of its operations to include a balance sheet, an income statement, a statement of changes in financial position, a reconciliation of changes in equity accounts, a summary of significant accounting principles, an auditor's report, comments regarding the year's business, and prospects for the next year; the report shall be completed by the third day of each regular session of the legislature, and the authority shall notify the governor, the commissioner of the department, the presiding officers of each house of the legislature, and the Legislative Budget and Audit Committee that the report is available;

(2) comply with the provisions of AS 37.07 (Executive Budget Act), except that AS 37.07 does not apply to the activities of the authority that relate to the authority's borrowing of money as provided in this chapter, including the issuing of its obligations or evidence of that borrowing and the repayment of the debt obligation;

(3) establish a personnel management system for hiring employees and setting employee-benefit packages;

(4) establish procedures, rules, and rates governing per diem and travel expenses of the employees of the authority in substantial conformity to statutes, procedures, rules, and rates applicable to state employees of similar state entities;

(5) coordinate the exercise of its powers to plan, design, construct, operate, and maintain the Knik Arm bridge with the department, and with the mayors of the Municipality of Anchorage and the Matanuska-Susitna Borough.

(6) have the exclusive authority to determine and fix fees, rents, tolls, rates, and other charges, including the tolls for the use of the bridge and appurtenant facilities and for the use of all other properties under the control of or owned or managed by the authority.

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