Alaska Statutes.
Title 12. Code of Criminal Procedure
Chapter 55. Sentencing and Probation
Section 100. Conditions of Probation.
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AS 12.55.100. Conditions of Probation.

   (a) While on probation and among the conditions of probation, the defendant
        (1) shall be required to obey all state, federal, and local laws or ordinances, and any court orders applicable to the probationer; and
        (2) may be required
             (A) to pay a fine in one or several sums;
             (B) to make restitution or reparation to aggrieved parties for actual damages or loss caused by the crime for which conviction was had, including compensation to a victim that is a nonprofit organization for the value of labor or goods provided by volunteers if the labor or goods were necessary to alleviate or mitigate the effects of the defendant's crime; when determining the amount of actual damages or loss under this subparagraph, the court shall value property as the market value of the property at the time and place of the crime or, if the market value cannot reasonably be ascertained, the cost of the replacement of the property within a reasonable time after the crime;
             (C) to provide for the support of any persons for whose support the defendant is legally responsible;
             (D) to perform community work in accordance with AS 12.55.055;
             (E) to participate in or comply with the treatment plan of an inpatient or outpatient rehabilitation program specified by either the court or the defendant's probation officer that is related to the defendant's offense or to the defendant's rehabilitation;
             (F) to satisfy the screening, evaluation, referral, and program requirements of an agency authorized by the court to make referrals for rehabilitative treatment or to provide rehabilitative treatment.
             (G) to comply with a program established under AS 47.38.020; and
             (H) to comply with the sanctions imposed by the defendant's probation officer under AS 33.05.020(g).
   (b) The defendant's liability for a fine or other punishment imposed as to which probation is granted shall be fully discharged by the fulfillment of the terms and conditions of probation.
   (c) A program of inpatient treatment may be required by the authorized agency under (a)(2)(F) of this section only if authorized in the judgment, and may not exceed the maximum term of inpatient treatment specified in the judgment. A person who has been referred for inpatient treatment may make a written request to the sentencing court asking the court to review the referral. The request for review shall be made within seven days after the agency's referral, and shall specifically set out the grounds on which the request for review is based. The court may order a hearing on the request for review.
   (d) If the court orders probation for a defendant convicted of an offense requiring the state to collect a blood sample, oral sample, or both, from the defendant for the deoxyribonucleic acid identification registration system under AS 44.41.035 , the court shall order the defendant, as a condition of probation, to submit to the collection of
        (1) the sample or samples when requested by a health care professional acting on behalf of the state to provide the sample or samples; or
        (2) an oral sample when requested by a juvenile or adult correctional, probation, or parole officer, or a peace officer.
   (e) In addition to other conditions imposed on the defendant, while on probation and as a condition of probation
        (1) for a sex offense, as described in AS 12.63.100, the defendant
             (A) shall be required to submit to regular periodic polygraph examinations;
             (B) may be required to provide each electronic mail address, instant messaging address, and other Internet communication identifier that the defendant uses to the defendant's probation officer; the probation officer shall forward those addresses and identifiers to the Alaska state troopers and to the local law enforcement agency;
        (2) if the defendant was convicted of a violation of AS 11.41.434 — 11.41.455, AS 11.61.125 — 11.61.128, or a similar offense in another jurisdiction, the defendant may be required to refrain from
             (A) using or creating an Internet site;
             (B) communicating with children under 16 years of age;
             (C) possessing or using a computer; or<
             (D) residing within 500 feet of school grounds; in this subparagraph, “school grounds” has the meaning given in AS 11.71.900.
   (f) While on probation and as a special condition of probation for an offense where the aggravating factor provided in AS 12.55.155(c)(29) has been proven or admitted, the court shall require that the defendant submit to electronic monitoring. Electronic monitoring under this subsection must provide for monitoring of the defendant's location and movements by Global Positioning System technology. The court shall require a defendant serving a period of probation with electronic monitoring as provided under this subsection to pay all or a portion of the costs of the electronic monitoring, but only if the defendant has sufficient financial resources to pay the costs or a portion of the costs. A defendant subject to electronic monitoring under this subsection is not entitled to a credit for time served in a correctional facility while the defendant is on probation. In this subsection, "correctional facility" has the meaning given in AS 33.30.901.

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